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Choosing Forum Staff! Empty Choosing Forum Staff!

Post by Lunar on Tue Mar 27, 2012 2:37 am

Choosing Forum Staff! Suicune_by_Xous54

Hello Everybody, I am the Sylphy Forum creator, Lunar. This thread is important since this forum is going to be needing a staff, so I am going to be looking for users willing to help out with the forum, and that will help me make up the rules for the forums. If you want to help out, please PM me on here, or if you can catch me on as Lunar, and we can your ideas for the forums, and we can go from there.

As for everyone who doesn't care about mod, i want to know what you guys feel would make this forum a better forum to you, it may be a more competitive battling section, with big tournaments that end with you getting a prize, or it may be more focusing into the tutoring program. Whatever it may be, i want to know so i can work hard and make this a successful forum.

Thank you for reading.

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