How to earn a badge!

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How to earn a badge!

Post by Lunar on Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:12 am

Badges are usually given to members who contribute in a certain way to the Sylphy Forums. As for trophies, they are given to official tournament winners, which makes them hard to get and very rare.

This Thread is to show you how to earn these badges or trophies, so make sure to read it if you want and you may be able to get it one day!


- The Tournament Director badge is for only users that are chosen to host official tournaments, its a hard badge to earn but if you run tournaments frequently and show you can handle it, then you will have a big shot at earning this badge!
More info:

- The RMT Rater badge is earned by users who frequently rate teams and give good, solid suggestions.
More info:

- The Tutor badge is earned by users who have tutored many users, and tutees win a decent amount of tutee tournaments.
More info:

- The Contributor badge is earned by users who help around the forums and the server frequently, from helping users on the site to coming up with new ideas for the forums!

- The Artist badge is for users who make art for the forums, for example the banner to a official tournament. Also is given to users who are very frequent on the art forum.
More info:

- The Xat Mod badge is a user who is mod on the Sylphy Xat.

- The Xat Admin badge is for users who are admin on the Sylphy Xat, and they help decide who gets mod on the xat.

- The Battle Server Moderator badge is given to users who have been long-term members of the Sylphy Pokemon Online server, and is chosen by the other Server Mods.
More Info:

- The Moderator badge is for users who have earned mod of the forum, usually by contributing to a section very frequently, and is decided by the staff of the forum.

- The Super Moderator badge is earned by moderators who have contributed to the forums frequently and is always helping the forums, decided by forum staff.

- The Administrator badge, the most difficult badge to earn, is given to very long-term super moderators who have contributed and have proven themselves to be a great help the forums and the community, decided by Lunar.


Trophies are earned by winning official tournaments, ran once a year.

- Winning the Official Sylphy Tournament.

- Winning the Sylphy Tour.

- Defeating the Sylphy Frontier.

- Being a Sylphy Premier League Defending Champion.

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